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What level is the training?

What level is the training?

There can exist confusion with regards to levels, as some people still hang on to the notion that there are different levels of medicines administration. For example level 1 = person self-medicates with general support, level 2 = staff administer and level 3 = staff administer by specialist technique. However, levels are an out-dated way of thinking. People shouldn’t be posted into levels (I might be able to self-medicate with my cream, but need someone to administer my inhaler to me – so what level am I?).

Also, NICE guidelines [Managing Medicines for Adults Receiving Medicines in the Community, March 2017] effectively got rid of general support. It’s one of the first things I amend when I update company and local authority medication policies.

If you still believe in levels, and are asking the question does our training equip a person to administer medication? then the answer is yes. Our medication training satisfies the standards for medication training set out by the Care Certificate, NICE and care regulators in the UK

  • The Care Quality Commission in England
  • The Care Inspectorate in Scotland and Wales
  • The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority in Northern Ireland

Qualifications and levels

If we are talking about levels from a qualifications point of view, this depends on which workbook you select to go with your course:

• the full 128-page workbook, or
• the shorter 32-page workbook

The 128-page workbook “Support the Use of Medication in Social Care Settings” is accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society as providing the knowledge set out in Unit 3047 (Support the Use of Medication in Social Care Settings). Hence if you need the training to reach a certain level, choose this book, and the training is equivalent to level 3.

Unit provision

We are currently choosing not to go down the root of being a unit provider. Why? because it is not (and never has been) a requirement of any of the care regulators, the care certificate or NICE. If staff are required to gain unit 3047 as a unit, we recommend that you study the 128-page workbook, pass the online assessment that accompanies it and take these to your unit provider as evidence of prior learning to gain the unit.

For more advice, call us and we can talk to though this in more detail.