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Course Formats

Course Formats

All of our courses come in a variety of formats, such as face to face, virtual and online to suit the learner’s requirements. Below is a description of each of the formats we offer.

Face to face courses


Face-to-face courses allow for more discussion and questions around a topic and can be useful if content needs to be tailored to your organisation and policies. They are also useful to teach and assess the practical skills needed to administer certain medicines.

Our face-to-face courses are delivered by an experienced nurse or pharmacist trainer. All courses can be delivered at a venue of your choice additional travel charges may apply.

Some face-to-face courses are also available as open courses, meaning that they run on specific dates in specific locations. These are great for individuals. Click here for a list of our up-and-coming open courses.

Our half day courses typically run from 9.30 until around 1pm. Our full day courses typically run 9.30am until 4.30pm.

Virtual courses


Some courses work when delivered virtually (live interactive video presentations using Zoom, Teams or similar). These tend to be shorter courses (3 hours or less) that require discussion around a topic, or that might have lots of individual questions from learners.

We don’t recommend the virtual format for all-day courses (a whole day staring at a screen is hard even with the most charismatic presenter!). This format is also not ideal for assessing groups of learners: some might have their cameras off and wander off or get distracted, people learn at a different pace, so it might be frustrating for some, if we are waiting for the last few learners to answer questions, and sometimes we can’t get learners to respond to the assessment questions. Therefore, we also offer online courses which offer learning on demand.

Online courses (learning on demand)


Online courses can be taken on demand, whenever the learner is ready. Our online learning management system (LMS) saves a learner’s answers as they go, so they don’t have to study the course in one go, they can dip in and out.

Learning material is a mix of written text, pictures and video. Online courses allow more assessment activities than face-to-face or virtual courses, as we can break up the learning material with skills and knowledge questions throughout the course. We also add Virtual Medicines Rounds (VMRs) at the end of many of the topics. VMRs present the learner with a scenario and ask them to identify any errors (for example incorrect medicines, doses, client names, expiry dates, incorrect administration technique with inhalers, incorrect entries in the CD register). These are a great way of testing a learner’s knowledge and skills.

If you are a manager, we can give you access to our LMS so you can see how your learners have got on, even seeing which questions they have got right or wrong. Certificates are available the moment a learner passes their course. They are stored safely on our system from where you can download them whenever you want.

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