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COVID Safe Courses

Making our face to face courses ‘COVID safe’

In order to keep everyone safe on any face to face course, we have created the following guidelines.

The term ‘We’ refers to the Medication Training Company. The term ‘You’ refers to the client who is booking the training.

Responsibility for providing a covid-safe venue rests with the party providing the venue (either ‘you’: the Client or ‘us’: The Medication Training Company).

We will require written confirmation that you have implemented this guidance and that venue requirements will be met.

If the venue is provided by you, we reserve the right to refuse to provide training if the trainer arrives and finds the venue does not meet these guidelines.  If this occurs you might be liable for the cost of the course.

Ensuring the venue is ‘covid-safe’

  • The room must be large enough to comfortably seat people more than 2 meters apart (this includes the trainer). If you are providing the venue, we will ask you to send us room dimensions (the larger the room, the less the risk)
  • The venue must have hand washing facilities with soap and hot water and provide hand sanitiser (at least 70% alcohol) for use within the training room
  • The trainer will bring their own hand sanitiser for their own use 
  • All attendees will be encouraged to must wear face masks throughout
  • The person who arranges the venue is responsible for cleaning the venue (tabletops or any other smooth surfaces, including door handles etc.) before the training event
  • The venue must provide spray detergent and wipes for cleaning surfaces during the day
  • Where possible, doors will be propped open to reduce touching door handles. For doors that cannot be propped open, e.g. fire doors, these should be sanitised regularly throughout the day. Where possible, windows will be opened to keep a good air flow through the room

Responsibilities of the learners (and trainer)

  • If you are considered to be at higher risk from covid-19 infection, for example, those eligible for winter flu vaccinations, you must assess your suitability to attend face-to-face training
  • On the day of training, ensure you don’t have any COVID symptoms (e.g. new persistent cough, high temperature, loss or change to sense of smell or taste). If you do please do not attend the training, but inform your employer and, if possible, the venue
  • Our trainer will check if they have any COVID symptoms on the day of the course. If they do, they will ring into our office, not attend the training, and we will try to source another trainer or reschedule the course at no cost to the you the client. Alternatively, we will provide you with on online version of the course (if one is available). 
  • Delegates and the trainer are responsible for ensuring a minimum of 2 metres distance from each other at all times
  • Everyone must wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser for at least 20 seconds when they: arrive at the venue, re-enter the training room or blow noses, cough or sneeze, and regularly throughout the day. Use the hand sanitiser provided when appropriate
  • When entering the classroom, you will be directed to sit at the seat furthest away from the door so people don’t have to walk past you to get to their seat
  • Chairs and tables must not be re-arranged (as they will have been set 2 meters apart)
  • If you experience any COVID-19 symptoms on the day of the course, tell the trainer immediately and go home. Try not to touch or make contact with anything as you leave
  • Delegates must bring at least two pens with them for personal use
  • The trainer will not require any delegate to place objects in their mouth (e.g. inhalers or syringes)

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