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Support the Use of Medication in Social Care Settings – Workbook (Version 5)

Course Overview

This distance learning course is suitable for anyone wanting to understand medicines administration and management in real depth. It contains the same content as our Foundation Course, but in much more detail plus it has additional content on best practice in medicines management. It’s useful for nurses, managers, and those who need to understand the subject in more depth. It is also useful as a reference book to keep at the care home, day unit or in the office (for community settings). The course is accredited by The Royal College of Nursing and Skills for Care. It comprises a 122-page course manual plus an on-line (or paper) assessment. There are three different assessments: for care homes, community and day services. The new book also covers standards in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

COURSE CONTENT (Click to expand)

The same content as our Foundation course, namely:


  • Adminstering medication systematically (as a 12-step process)
  • Check care plans and the person’s identity
  • ‘Start with the chart’ – paper and electronic MAR charts
  • Checking MDS blister packs
  • Checking the original packs – the 7 point medicines cross check
  • Breakdown of a pharmacy label
  • Expiry and period after opening dates
  • Crushing or spiting tablets
  • Cautionary and advisory labels
  • ‘Pop and dot’
  • Check you’ve prepared the correct number of medicines
  • Administering medicines in a person-centred way with appropriate consent
  • Stay with/support them to ensure they take it
  • Recording medicines taken/refused on the MAR
  • Administering oral liquids
  • Applying topical medication
  • Administering inhalers
  • Administering eye drops
  • When medicines are declined
  • Safe storage of medicines
  • Information about medicines


Plus additional content:


  • Understanding the rules around medicines
  • The legal classification of medicines
  • Care planning with medicines
  • The types of support that can be provided
  • Risk assessing for self medication
  • Ordering and receiving medicines
  • Safe storage of medicines
  • Disposal of medication
  • Administration of medicines – record keeping
  • Administering from monitored dosage systems
  • Controlled drugs
  • Covert administration of medicines
  • Information about medicines and side effects
  • Drug interactions, homely remedies and non-prescribed medicines

Support the Use of Medication in Social Care Settings – Workbook (Version 5)



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