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Foundation Practical Workshop: Shared Lives and Foster Carers

Course overview

This version of our Foundation Course in Medicines Administration is specific to Shared Lives Carers and Foster Carers. It teaches how to support with and (if necessary) administer medicines to the person you care for/support. The training is up to date with the very latest NICE guidelines for community settings. We are experts in providing medication training to Shared Lives Schemes having many years experience working with several national schemes.

Aimed at

Shared lives and foster carers.

Format and duration

Face-to-face workshop + handout

5 hours


One year (in line with CQC/NICE recommendations)

Course mapping

  • NICE – Management of Medicines in Community Settings, March 2017
  • Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 12

Accredited with

Skills for care

Course price

£710 + trainer expenses (click here for details). Note that these are the total course prices to which VAT applies.

COURSE CONTENT (Click to expand)

  • What’s the difference between self-medication, medicines support and medicines administration?
  • When is a medicines chart needed?
  • What should the medicines chart look like?
  • How to record various scenarios on a medicines chart
  • How to check medicines received in blister packs (monitored dosage systems) from the pharmacy
  • What is ‘secondary dispensing’ and why should it be avoided?
  • How to set up the medicines charts (medicines transcription)
  • Where to go for reliable information on medicines
  • How to administer medicines safely from blister packs
  • How to record medicines taken from blister packs
  • How to administer medicines from original packs
  • How to record medicines taken from original packs
  • How to record variable doses, when required doses, declined doses and other scenarios
  • Understanding pharmacy labels
  • Medicines expiry dates
  • Ordering prescriptions and medicines
  • Administering non-prescribed medicines
  • Storage and disposal of medicines
  • Administering oral liquid medicines
  • Administering creams and ointments
  • Administering inhalers
  • Administering eye drops

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Online Training

An online course

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