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Medication Administration Training – Foundation Workshop (Care Homes)

Course overview

Our Foundation Course in Medicines Administration for Care Homes covers the Skills for Care core/mandatory training requirements for medicines management and administration. Suitable for both care support workers and nurses, it teaches medicines administration as a step-by-step process (based on our years of research as a company into why medication errors occur). This ensures medicines are given in a safe and systematic way, thereby reducing the risk of mistakes made through complacency. This course has been shown to reduce errors by 36% in a study by Hampshire County Council.

Aimed at

Care support workers and nurses (both new and experienced staff) working in care homes.

Format and duration

Available as a half-day practical workshop (see morning content below) or extend this into a full-day practical workshop (add on the afternoon content below). All learners also receive a comprehensive workbook on both the half- or full-day practical workshop (see workbook content below).


One year (in line with CQC/NICE recommendations)

Course mapping

  • The Care Certificate
  • CQC Key Line of Enquiry S4 (Proper and Safe Use of Medicines)
  • NICE – Management of Medicines in Care Homes, March 2014
  • NICE – Management of Medicines in Community Settings, March 2017
  • Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) 2014

Accredited with

Skills for care

Course price

Half day: £600

Full day: £845

+ trainer expenses (click here for details). Note that these are the total course prices to which VAT applies.

Course content

Practical workshop - morning content (click to expand)

  • The main cause of medication errors
  • An overview of how to give medicines systematically (to avoid errors)
  • Examples of medicines paperwork available from us (care plans, PRN protocols, body maps etc.)
  • The checks needed on the medicines chart (video demonstration)
  • Administering from MDS (blister pack activities)
  • Recording on medicines charts (examples and practical exercises)
  • Initial simulated medicines round no. 1
  • An introduction to the 7-point medicines cross check
  • 7 point check – group activity
  • Mid-point simulated medicines round no. 2
  • Individual teaching if required
  • Final simulated medicines round no. 3

Practical workshop - afternoon content (click to expand)

  • Administering oral liquids
  • Which measuring device is best (practical activity)
  • Measuring and administering using oral syringes
  • Assessed activity
  • Administering topical medicines to the skin
  • Demonstration and group activity
  • Administering inhalers
  • Demonstration and group activity
  • Administer eye drops
  • Demonstration and group activity

Workbook content (click to expand)

All learners receive a comprehensive 32-page workbook providing the following knowledge:


  • Administering medicines in a systematic way to avoid errors
  • Infection control issues/when are gloves needed?
  • Preparation of equipment and a drink
  • Medicines paperwork (care plans, PRN protocols, body maps etc.)
  • Checking the client’s identity
  • Pain assessment scales
  • The checks needed on the medicines chart
  • Breakdown of a pharmacy label
  • Expiry and period after opening dates
  • Checking original packs: the 7-point medicines cross check
  • Checking MDS (blister) packs
  • Cautionary and advisory labels
  • ‘Pop and dot’ and preparing for administration
  • Administering in a person-centred way
  • Consent
  • Coding the medicines administration record
  • Crushing or spiting tablets
  • Administering oral liquids
  • Applying topical medication to the skin
  • Administering inhalers
  • Administering eye drops
  • When medicines are declined
  • Covert administration of medicines
  • Safe storage of medicines
  • Information about medicines

Also available as

Online Training

An online course