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Online Foundation Course in Medicines Administration + Virtual Medicines Round

Two courses as a bundle

Our Online Foundation Course in Medicines Administration provides the knowledge required to administer medicines in a safe and systematic way. This course comes with a robust theory assessment. By combining this with our Virtual Medicines Round Online Competence Assessment, you will also then assess the skills required to safely select the correct medicines according to the 6-rights of medicines administration.

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Course overview

Our Foundation Course in Medicines Administration is available as an online module. It teaches medicines administration as a 12-step process (based on our years of research as a company into why medication errors occur). This ensures medicines are given in a safe and systematic way, thereby reducing the risk of mistakes made through complacency. You can also combine this with our latest Virtual Medicines Round module that tests a person’s competence at selecting the correct medicine.

The Virtual Medicines Round online module assesses a person’s competence at checking the five rights of medicines administration. It satisfies requirements from the CQC and NICE for an annual update of the knowledge skills and competencies needed to administer medication. The learner is are presented with a number of medicines and their corresponding medicines administration record (MAR) entries. The learner must state whether they would administer the medicine or if not, what is wrong with it.

Aimed at

Foundation Course in Medicines Administration – Nurses and care staff working in all settings (both new and experienced staff)

Virtual Medicines Round – Registered nurses and care support workers (both new and those requiring a refresher)


Skills for Care

Course mapping

Foundation Course in Medicines Administration

  • The Care Certificate
  • CQC Key Line of Enquiry S4 (Proper and Safe Use of Medicines)
  • NICE – Management of Medicines in Care Homes, March 2014
  • NICE – Management of Medicines in Community Settings, March 2017
  • Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) 2014


Virtual Medicines Round

  • NICE – Management of Medicines in Care Homes, March 2014
  • NICE – Management of Medicines in Community Settings, March 2017
  • Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 12


  • Start with clean hands
  • Prepare equipment and a drink
  • Check care plans and the person’s identity
  • ‘Start with the chart’ – paper and electronic MAR charts
  • Checking MDS blister packs
  • Checking the original packs – the 7 point medicines cross check
  • Breakdown of a pharmacy label
  • Expiry and period after opening dates
  • Crushing or spiting tablets
  • Cautionary and advisory labels
  • ‘Pop and dot’
  • Check you’ve prepared the correct number of medicines
  • Administering medicines in a person-centred way with appropriate consent
  • Stay with/support them to ensure they take it
  • Recording medicines taken/refused on the MAR
  • Administering oral liquids
  • Applying topical medication
  • Administering inhalers
  • Administering eye drops
  • When medicines are declined
  • Safe storage of medicines
  • Information about medicines



The Virtual Medicines Round tests a learner’s competence to select the correct medicine.
We present them with a number of different medicines and the corresponding medicines chart.
The systems asks them if they would administer this item?
Some of the medicines are correct to administer, some are not.
The medicines that are not have mistakes such as:

  • The wrong client name, wrong strength, wrong form
  • The wrong drug, the wrong directions
  • Medicines that aren’t due yet
  • Medicines that have gone past their once opened or manufacturer’s expiry date
  • Medicines where the client has already finished the course

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Per personFoundation courseVirtual medicine round (VMR)Foundation course + VMR (25% off VMR)
1£37.50£27.50£65.00 £58.00
2 to 9£35.00£26.50£61.50 £54.50
10 to 24£32.00£25.00£57.00 £50.75
25 to 49£29.00£24.00£53.00 £47.00
50 to 74£26.00£23.00£49.00 £43.25
75+£23.00£22.00£45.00 £39.50