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CD Register


A CD register – designed just for care homes and other social care providers 

Many care homes are using CD registers designed for hospitals and pharmacies: with columns such as “serial / requisition number” or “identity proven”. Some registers have nowhere to record the resident’s name, are too small, and are laid out in a confusing way.

 We co-created and tested our CD register with two national care home chains. It is:

  •   Wider, with more space for entries
  •   Records the resident’s name at the top
  •   Records the medicine name, strength, and form
  •   Has over 200 pages
  •   Is hardback for extra durability
  •   Is fully compliant with NICE guidelines
  •   If fully compliant with Misuse of Drugs Regulations

With a CD training course

We offer a comprehensive online or in-person. training course on controlled drugs. Purchase 10 online courses or 1 in- person course and receive the CD register for free.

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20 - 49£17.00
50 +£16.00
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