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About our Foundation Course in Medication Administration

Shown to reduce medication errors

Our Practical Foundation Course in Medication Administration has been shown to reduce medication errors by 36% (by Hampshire County Council) and is suitable for all health and social care staff.  We are endorsed by Skills for Care. The courses teaches the practical skills needed to select, administer and record medicines. Theory is provided in a comprehensive workbook (with an optional upgraded workbook which is accredited by the Royal College of Nursing for nurses who study this option).

The course covers the requirements set out in the Care Certificate, in NICE guidelines and by the Care Quality Commission. These practical medication administration workshops are delivered by an experienced pharmacist or nurse. We have different versions of this workshop for various health and social care settings: care homes, day services, community settings, and shared lives etc.

Managing Medication Errors training for nurses, care homes, carers

We use simulated medicines rounds as competency assessments

Learners are assessed using simulated medicines rounds at the start, midway and at the end of the workshop to measure improvement and create a pass mark. Deliberate medication errors are included which they must correctly identify and avoid.

Managing Medication Errors training for nurses, care homes, carers

Follow on assessments for any staff who fail

After the workshop, you receive a learner report detailing how staff have performed before, during and after training. Any staff who fail are enrolled onto our Virtual Medicines Round to gain their certificate after the workshop. This online competency assessment can also be purchased as a standalone training module.

Online testing of medicines administration training

Tailored to you

We offer half- or full-day medication training workshops and a choice of workbooks (to suit your budget). We have different versions of this courses depending on how medicines are supplied by your pharmacy: original packs, blister packs (single or mixed medicines), Biodose trays, electronic MAR charts (e.g. iCare) etc. We can even fully bespoke the course to your medication policy, medicines charts and other paperwork. The theory is provided in workbooks with information tailored to the different care settings (care homes, day care, community etc.). See table below for more details.

Handout option 1:

This 128-page colour A4 distance learning manual is written by John Greene BSc, MRPharmS, MIfL, MAPCPharm, an nationally recognized expert in managing medicines in social care settings. It is a comprehensive guide to administering and managing medicines in social care settings. Each book contains a unique number that unlocks an accompanying e-learning module. The book covers: HSC Unit 3047, medication standards in the Care Certificate, NICE guidelines, and requirements from the CQC. Click here to read sample pages.

Social settings book v5

Handout option 2:

This 32-page full colour A4 workbook is a scaled down version of the distance learning. It contains the essential theory needed to administer and manage medicines safely. Content covers the medication standards set out in the Care Certificate, NICE guidelines and by the CQC. It covers all care settings: care homes, community settings and day services. Learners sit a written assessment on the day of the workshop.


Course handout

(to teach the theory provided on the day)

How is the knowledge (from the handout) assessed?

Medication care plans

When required protocols

Simulated medicines round (pre-learning)

Completion of medicines charts

Administering medicines from monitored dosage packs*

Administering medicines from original packs 

Once opened date and expiry dates

How to check cautionary and advisory labels

PTC 6-point cross check

Simulated medicines round (post-learning)

Administering medication - when are gloves required?

Administration of oral liquids

Measuring accurately with oral syringes

How to administer with oral syringes

Administration of creams, ointments, & barrier creams

Administration of inhalers

Administration of eye drops


Half Day

Short theory test on the day 

£600 (£37.50pp)

Half Day

+ Distance Learning

E-learning (or paper) assessment taken before or after the workshop

£700 (£44pp)

Full Day

Short theory test on the day 

£845 (£53pp)

Full Day

+ Distance Learning

E-Learning (or paper) assessment taken before or after the day

£995 (£62pp)

The course was well presented, delivery was at the right level for participants, course material well put together and very informative. The course was delivered with good humour which created a relaxing atmosphere and ease in participation. Excellent activities to engage the group. Well done John.
Janet Green-Bennett The Grange Nursing Home