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Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

Course overview

This course teaches staff how to manage medicines in schools in line with the new statutory guidance issued in December 2014: “Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions”.

Aimed at

School nurses, teachers, teaching assistants, admin officers who have a role supporting pupils at school with medical conditions


In person workshop delivered by a nurse or pharmacist trainer


3.5 hours



There are written tests that you will take to test your knowledge of the theory (after reading the workbook). There are practical tests of competency that you will undertake on the face-to-face workshop.

Course mapping

QCF Unit 3047: Support the use of medication in social care settings.

Price (excluding VAT)

£675 (max of 16 people)

Course content

See below (click to expand). Call us if you wish to discuss tailoring content to you.

Course content (click to expand)

Workbook (click to expand)

Each learner will be provided with a comprehensive workbook mapping to the learning outcomes in HSC QCF Unit 3047:

  • The impact a medical conditions can have on pupils
  • The rules governing how medicines are managed in schools
  • Your school’s medication policy: what it should include
  • Who can you share information about pupils with medical conditions with?
  • Finding out which pupils have medical conditions and what support they need
  • How coordinate the writing of an individual healthcare plan
  • How to record the support you provide
  • Parental agreement for staff to administer medicines
  • Receiving and disposing of medicines
  • Once opened and expiry dates of medicines
  • Safe storage of medicines
  • Administering medicines safely and accurately
  • Medicines administration record charts
  • Managing requests to administer non-prescribed medicines
  • Managing controlled drugs
  • Administering emergency medication
  • Administering medicines on schools trips
  • Administering tablets and capsules
  • Administering oral liquids
  • Applying topicals (products to the skin)
  • Administering eye drops
Practical Workshop (click to expand)

On the face-to-face practical workshop you will learn the skills and competencies required, namely:

  • An overview of the systems, policies and paperwork required
  • How to book medicines in
  • How to check expiry dates and pharmacy labels for medicines received
  • How to avoid selection errors when administering medication
  • The 6-point cross check
  • How to record parental agreement to administer medicines
  • How to record medicines administered
  • How to measure out and administer oral liquids
  • How to apply topical items (to the skin)
  • How to administer eye drops