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Applying topicals (creams, ointments etc) to the skin

Course Overview

This course teaches how to administer medicated and non-medicated topicals items to the skin (creams, ointments, gels, lotions and barrier creams). For some, when learning to administer medicines, administering topicals is one of the first things they do. Hence this course assumes no prior experience administering medicines.

Aimed at

All experience levels, from care support workers to registered nurses


Lifelong validity (click here for details)


Online: Approx 1-2 hours

Course Mapping

CQC KLOE S4 (Proper and safe use of medicines)

Course Content (Click to expand)


  • What checks are needed on paper MARs?
  • Body maps for topicals
  • Checking the person’s identity and gain consent
  • Breakdown of a pharmacy label
  • Expiry dates
  • Cross checking the item against the Medicines Administration Record
  • Assessment no.1 – The medicines cross check (virtual medicines round)
  • Why do we need gloves
  • How to apply moisturisers
  • Fire risks with moisturisers
  • How to apply medicated topicals
  • How to apply barrier products
  • Bath oils and soap substitutes
  • Recording on the Medicines Administration Record
  • Storage of topicals

Applying topicals (creams, ointments etc.) to the skin


(excluding VAT)

No. of peoplePrice per person (excluding vat)
2 to 9£35.50
10 to 24£32.50
25 to 49£29.50
50 to 74£26.50
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