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Medication policy consultancy

Medication policy and procedures

We have extensive experience writing medication policies to the latest NICE best practice guidelines for councils and care providers, both large and small. Our policies and procedures contain expert guidance, in plain English, that allow staff to work from them on a day-to-day basis. They are specific to each care setting (home care, care homes, reablement, shared lives, supported living and day services etc.). They also include a suite of template forms (when required protocol, my medicines administration profile, body maps for creams and patches, current medication request letter, non-prescribed medicines authorisation form, medication needs assessment, medicines disposal forms etc.) and medicines charts (if needed). These procedures and forms provide the framework you need to manage medicines safely in line with national best practice. They have also helped many of our clients achieve high rating with CQC.

Since 2003, we have written medication policies for:

    • West Sussex County Council
    • Southampton City Council
    • Portsmouth City Council
    • London Borough of Brent
    • Islington Council
    • Hackney Council
    • Surrey County Council
    • Carewatch UK
    • Young Epilepsy
    • Hope House Childrens’ Hospice
    • Handled with Care
    • Linc-Cymru (Wales)


We start by reviewing your existing medication policy or standard operating procedures and highlighting where any areas that don’t align with CQC best practiceNICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) or other relevant best practice documents.

Once agreed, we then re-write the policy and consult with you on any changes. We then review the policy after it has been sent out to stakeholders for consultation and make any amendments required.

Medication policy reviews for local councils and care homes to ensure CQC standards are met