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Course overview

Our refresher course satisfies the requirements from CQC for an annual update of the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to administer medicines (as required by NICE).Rather than having to study the same course each year (to just tick a box), our course re-tests the skills learnt on the foundation course as well as course providing updates to best practice since the foundation course was taken.

Aimed at

Support workers and nurses working in mixed settings.



Face-to-face (in person) practical workshop.


Half or full-day workshop (refer to course contents to see the difference).

Course mapping

  • HSC Unit 3047: Support the use of medication in social care settings
  • ASM Unit 34: Administer medication to individuals and monitor the effects
  • NOS CHS 3: Administer medication to individuals
  • Care certificate standard 13: Health and safety
  • NICE Guidelines: Managing medicines for adults receiving social care in the community. March 2017
  • NICE Guidelines: Managing Medicine in Care Homes. March 2014

Course content

See below (click to expand). Call us if you wish to discuss tailoring content to you.

Course Content (Click to expand)



Section 1: Updates to best practice since the foundation course

Section 2: A simulated medicines round to assess you can safely and correctly:

  • Check that the medicine is due
  • Check you have the correct client
  • Check you have the correct medicine
  • Check you have the correct strength
  • Check you have the correct form
  • Check you have the correct directions
  • Check you have the correct blister strip inside

AFTERNOON CONTENT (additional content if purchasing the full day course):


Section 3: Assess you are competent to safely and correctly:

  • Administer tablets and capsules from original packs
  • Administer medicines from monitored dosage system (MDS) blister packs
  • Measure and administer oral liquids
  • Apply medicated and non-medicated topicals to the skin
  • Administer inhalers
  • Administer eye drops.

Also available as

Online Training

An online course

From £30.00 (+VAT)  per person

 Face-to-face / Virtual

A half-day workshop (morning content only) for a maximum of 16 learners.

£675.00 (+VAT) per workshop