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Administering buccal midazolam during a seizure – for transport staff

Course Overview

Would you know how to respond safely if someone you were transporting in your vehicle had a seizure? Would you recognise that a seizure was occurring? Would you be able to provide suitable first aid?

Increasing numbers of people with epilepsy are prescribed rescue medicines (such as midazolam) that can stop a seizure. However, you must be trained and competent to administer this medicine safely. This workshop provides such training in line with ESNA guidelines.

Aimed at

Those who transport people with epilepsy.


Face-to-face (in person) practical workshop.


3 hrs 15 mins workshop


We assess knowledge with an assessment on the day. We will assess your individual competency to administer buccal midazolam on the face to face workshop.


Course Mapping

Provides the learning outcomes set out in “Best practice guidelines for training professional carers in the administration of Buccal (Oromucosal) Midazolam for the treatment of prolonged and / or clusters of epileptic seizures”. Epilepsy Nurses Association (ESNA) June 2019.

Course Content

See below (click to expand). Call us if you wish to discuss tailoring content to you.

Course content (click to expand)

Theory (click to expand)
  • What causes seizures?
  • Different types of seizure
  • Individual healthcare plans for epilepsy
  • What are auras?
  • Risks from seizures
  • Risk assessing for people with epilepsy
  • The psychological, social, and effects on learning epilepsy can have
  • Learning disabilities and epilepsy
  • Seizure triggers
  • Photosensitive epilepsy
  • Exercise and physical activity in epilepsy
  • Treating epilepsy
  • Emergency medication for epilepsy
  • Storing emergency medication for epilepsy
  • How is rescue medication given
  • Side effects of rescue medication
  • How quickly does rescue medication take to work?
  • Post seizure management
  • What to do if the seizure still doesn’t stop
  • When to call an ambulance?
  • When the seizure ends – record keeping
Practical Workshop (click to expand)
  • Understand types of seizure (video clips)
  • Individual care plans and seizure record diaries
  • Demonstrate how to provide first aid during a seizure
  • Demonstrate how to prepare the correct dosage of Epistatus
  • Demonstrate when to give midazolam
  • Demonstrate how to administer midazolam (Buccolam and Epistatus) to an individual
  • Explain what vitals to check after giving midazolam and what side effects to look or
  • Demonstrate how to place an individual in the recovery position (if required)
  • Demonstrate how to monitor for side effects after administering midazolam
  • Demonstrate how to record the administration of midazolam


(excluding VAT)

£675 per workshop at your venue (max 12 people). See add-on modules for this course below

Extend your epilepsy training course with additional add-ons.

Administering rectal diazepam

A 45-minute module that can be added onto the above workshop where the trainer will demonstrate how to administer rectal diazepam and learners will be assessed.

ADD £50 + VAT

Epilepsy awareness

The Joint Epilepsy Council require learners to receive epilepsy awareness training in addition to emergency medication training. Our 3.5-hour course (above) provides the epilepsy awareness training in a workbook which is studied either before, or on the day of the workshop. As an alternative, we can run this 2-hour module at the start of the workshop which takes the epilepsy awareness information from the workbook and teaches it in an additional face-to-face module.

ADD £150 + VAT


A 45-minute module that can be added onto the above workshop where the trainer will demonstrate how to administer rectal paraldehyde and learners will be assessed.

ADD £50 + VAT


This session teaches delegates about what a Vagal Nerve Stimulator (VNS) is and how to support someone who has one, how  to activate the stimulator with the magnet if required, learners will be assessed.

Add £50+VAT