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Medication errors – learning from errors to reduce harm

Course overview

Managing medication errors is a challenging part of anyone’s role, but by trying to reduce medication errors alone, you’re missing out on the reasons why they are occuring in the first instance. If you want to reduce the harm that medication errors (or more correctly medication incidents) cause, the only way to do this is by learning from these incidents. With success, you’ll see your reported incidents go up, giving you more opportunities to learn.

But the harm they cause should go down.

This course will teach you how manage, report and learn from medication incidents. It will enable you to provide the correct response to Safeguarding Teams and the Care Quality Commission. It will enable you to reduce the chance of harm from medication incidents occurring by learning from them. This course is delivered via Zoom.

Course dates

Webinar Dates;
17th January 2023
20th February 2024
13th March 2024
10th April 2024
16th May 2024
18th June 2024


3.5 hours

Aimed at

Managers, nurses and seniors who have a role in managing/investigation medication errors



In addition to the handout, you will be sent a free electronic copy of our medicines incident form and investigation protocols

Course mapping

CQC Key Lines of Enquiry S4: How are people’s medicines managed so that they receive them safely?
CQC Key Lines of Enquiry S6: Are lessons learned and improvements made when things go wrong?

Course content

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Course Content (click to expand)

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand why it’s best to focus on harm reduction rather than trying to reduce medication errors
  • See errors as opportunities to learn (OTLs)
  • See how some of the world’s safest care providers achieved a reduction in harm from errors
  • Create a reporting system to ensure the whole organization learns from incidents
  • Outline what an ‘outstanding’ incident reporting system looks like to CQC (KLOE S6)
  • Explain which medication incidents need reporting to Safeguarding and CQC
  • Demonstrate root cause investigation so you can learn from your medicines incidents
  • Explain how to spread the learning from medicines incidents
  • Use the Incident Decision Tree to understand when staff need support vs intervention.
  • Receive a template error reporting tool (our OTL form) to use to report medication errors and carry out root cause analysis.

Available as


Workshop for up to 16 people

£675 (excluding VAT)

Virtual Webinar

This is a virtual (Zoom) webinar course

£75 pp (excluding VAT)