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Trainer expenses

Travel: For face-to-face courses, if the trainer has to travel less than 50 miles from their home to get to your venue and back, there is no charge for travel (i.e. no additional expenses to pay). If it’s more than 50 miles, we charge 50p per mile for the round trip (however, we don’t you charge for the first 50 miles – that’s on us!). So, for example, if the trainer has to travel 35 miles from their house to get to your venue, their round trip is 70 miles. We take off 50 miles: 70 miles – 50 miles = 20 miles. We then charge those 20 miles at 50p per mile = £10.00 total charge. We don’t make a profit on this, all this money goes to the trainer. This allows us to keep our prices competitive. If it’s cheaper on public transport then we might charge this cost instead (although bear in mind the trainer often has a lot to carry, so this isn’t always possible).

Accommodation: If the trainer needs to travel more than 2 hours to get to your venue, we also charge £105 to put them up in a hotel the night before. Otherwise you’d have a very weary trainer and not really get the most out of the course. We’d also find it very difficult to recruit trainers if we didn’t treat them nicely like this!

Once we allocate a trainer to your course, we can calculate these travel expenses and let you know.