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Online Medication Training

The Virtual Medicines Round

This medication training online module fulfills the requirement from CQC and NICE for staff to have an annual update of the skills and knowledge required to administer medicines.

One of the main problems with medicines administration is complacency. Staff soon learn which medicines a person has, what they look like, and where they are kept. They give the same doses as previously given without checking the label properly. When doses change, or they pick up the wrong medicines (with a similar looking container) mistakes occur.

This is termed ‘giving medication from memory’ and is identified as a major cause of medication error (Barber N et al (2009) CHUMs Study. Qual Saf Health Care. 18: 341-346).

Online Competency Assessment

The Virtual Medicines Round tests a learner’s competence to select the correct medicine. We present them with a number of different medicines and the corresponding medicines chart. The systems asks them if they would administer this item? Some of the medicines are correct to administer, some are not. The medicines that are not have mistakes such as:

  • The wrong client name, wrong strength, wrong form
  • The wrong drug, the wrong directions
  • Medicines that aren’t due yet
  • Medicines that have gone past their once opened or manufacturer’s expiry date
  • Medicines where the client has already finished the course


1 – 9 licenses: £19.50 each
10 – 49  licenses: £17.00 each
50 -100  licenses £15.00 each

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